Takiro Yuta

Takiro Yuta is a furniture designer whom specialised in storage systems. Yuta designs for Dieffebi.

Takiro Yuta

Takiro Yuta Furniture Designs

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  • Primo 2-Drawer A4 Filing Cabinet

    Primo Filing Drawer Cabinets

    Primo filing units combine Italian high-quality storage with a beautiful design

  • Primo Cupboard is available in different heights

    Primo Cupboard

    Primo cupboards are available in 4 heights with adjustable levelling feet. Colours: aluminium, white or black.

  • Nice Ped Pedestal 2 box drawers + 1 stationery drawer with seat pad

    Nice Ped Pedestals

    Nice Ped Pedestals can be used for storage/filing but also seating, or an additional surface for more filing.

  • Pimo 1000 Door Cabinets

    Primo 1000 Door Cabinets

    Primo 1000 Cabinets are metal office cupboards with hinged doors and a large storage capacity.

  • Mia Ped Pedestal 2 drawers + 1 stationery drawer

    Mia Ped Pedestals

    The Mia Ped is a totally configurable storage container which can also function as a temporary seat.

  • Primo Lockers - Personal Office Storage

    Primo Office Lockers

    Primo Lockers provide secure personal storage space in the office.

  • Primo Acoustic Cabinet 1330 mm Height

    Primo Acoustic Cabinets

    Primo Acoustic Cabinets function as storage and, simultaneously, sound absorbing panels.

  • Primo Recycling Unit

    Primo Recycling Unit

    Primo Recycling Unit will allow you to recycle at the workplace while keeping the design.

  • Primo Tambour Cabinets are available in a wide range of sizes

    Primo Tambour Cabinets

    Primo Tambour Cabinets offer convenient access to storage, combining functionality and design.

9 Item(s)