Sas Adriaenssens

Sas Adriaenssens is a versatile designer from Antwerp. With a background in graphical arts and illustration, Sas moved into several years of marketing before graduating to interior and product design. ... Read more

Sas Adriaenssens

Sas Adriaenssens Furniture Designs

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  • BuzziLights Office Lighting


    BuzziLights office lighting is a striking ceiling or floor lamp, made with strips of acoustic felt.

  • BuzziGrip Acoustic Memo Pin Board

    BuzziGrip Memo Pin Board

    Attach BuzziGrip Memo Pin Board to metal surfaces or both sides of a glass wall with no need for hooks or screws.

  • BuzziSkin Acoustic Wall Felt

    BuzziSkin Acoustic Wall Felt

    BuzzSkin is available in self-adhesive acoustic rolls or as BuzziSkin Cuts in various shapes for office sound insulation.

3 Item(s)