Alain Gilles

After studying Political Sciences and Marketing Management, Alain Gilles went on to work in the international financial world for 5 years. Thanks to the moral support of his wife, however, he went back to studying Industrial Design in France. ... Read more

Alain Gilles

Alain Gilles Furniture Designs

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  •  BuzziMilk Stools

    BuzziMilk Stool

    BuzziMilk Stool can be used as side table or as a comfortable upholstered low stool in breakout areas.

  • BuzziGrid Ceiling Baffle

    BuzziGrid Ceiling Baffle

    BuzziGrid Ceiling Baffles are panels made from sound-absorbing BuzziFelt recycled from plastic bottles.

  • BuzzBlinds Room Dividers by Alain Gilles

    BuzziBlinds Room Divider

    BuzziBlinds Room Divider is partitioning with flexibility; colourful "walls" dividing your open plan office space.

  • BuzziHood Phone Booth

    BuzziHood Phone Booth

    BuzziHood Wall Phone Booth provides an acoustic private space for phone calls in an open office.

  • BuzziBooth Acoustic Desk Booths

    BuzziBooth Workstation

    BuzziBooth is an acoustic workstation, intended as a private work space or for making calls.

  • BuzziHub Sofa

    BuzziHub Sofa

    BuzziHub Acoustic High Back Sofa allows people to easily come together and share information.

  • BuzziCockpit Desk Screen Divider

    BuzziCockpit Desk Screen Divider

    BuzziCockpit Desk Screen Divider is for placing on your desktop for instant acoustic work privacy.

  • BuzziTemp Acoustic Workbays

    BuzziTemp Acoustic Workbay

    BuzziTemp acoustic workstation is a versatile hotdesking solution and perfect for open plan offices.

  • BuzziHive Sofa Acoustic Seating

    BuzziHive Sofa

    BuzziHive Sofa is stand-alone acoustic furniture which provides convenient private meeting space.

Items 1 to 9 of 11 total View All

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