Alberto Meda

Born in Lenno Tremezzina (Como), in 1945, he graduated in mechanical engineering from the Milan Polytechnic. In 1987 and 1989 he designed two historic chairs for Alias: lightlight and softlight. The former is... Read more

Alberto Meda

Alberto Meda Furniture Designs

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  • Meda Gate Beam Seating

    Meda Gate Beam Seating

    Meda Gate Beam Seating for waiting areas such as airport terminals, train stations or bus stations.

  • MedaSlim Chair

    MedaSlim Chair

    MedaSlim Chair is lightweight and ideal for meeting and conference rooms, restaurants, cafés and home use.

  • Teak Outdoor Chair

    Teak Outdoor Chairs

    Teak Outdoor Chairs by Alberto Meda are practical, stackable and lightweight seating with or without armrests.

  • Meda Conference Chairs

    Meda Conference Chairs

    Meda Meeting Chair features synchronous adjustment which is triggered by the user’s movements.

  • Alberto Meda MedaMorph Meeting Room Table

    MedaMorph Table System

    MedaMorph Table System allows customer preferences in terms of leg room and aesthetic appearance.

  • Hydrochair back cover is made of 3D mesh


    HydroChair seating is made of hydro-formed aluminum for extra lightness and durability.

  • Biplane Square Bistro Table

    Biplane Table

    Biplane Table by Alberto Meda was designed for use as a cafe, restaurant or breakout table solution.

7 Item(s)