Charlotte Perriand

Born in 1903, Charlotte Perriand divided her childhood between Paris, where her father worked as a tailor and her mother as an haute couture seamstress, and her grandparents’ home in the mountainous rural... Read more

Charlotte Perriand

Charlotte Perriand Furniture Designs

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  • 522 Tokyo Chaise Longue by Cassina

    522 Tokyo Chaise Longue

    Each 522 Tokyo Chaise Longue comes with a protective waterproof cover for the winter season.

  • 524 Tabouret Berger Stool Natural Oak

    524 Tabouret Berger

    524 Tabouret Berger, designed by Charlotte Perriand, is an elegant three-legged wooden stool.

  • 523 Tabouret Meribel Stools

    523 Tabouret Meribel

    523 Tabouret Meribel Wooden Stool with a canaletto walnut, natural oak or black-stained oak finish.

  • 525 Table en Forme Libre

    525 Table en Forme Libre

    525 Table en Forme Libre in solid oak was originally designed by Charlotte Perriand for her Paris studio.

4 Item(s)