Office Room Dividers

Designer modern office room dividers available as free standing, linking or desk supported, which can be used in open plan offices, showrooms or educational environments. Floor standing room dividers allow you to effectively divide or section off area within the office or room. Apres supply the latest innovative floor standing room dividers on the market; you can be sure to source the right solution and aesthetic for your environment from our quality range of room dividers. Our range of office room dividers come in a wide range of different fabrics and finishes offering you a decorative aesthetic or an acoustic buffer. No matter what your room dividing requirements are, we can customise a screen to fit your specification.

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  • SE:Wall Room Partitioning

    SE:Wall Room Dividers

    SE:Wall Room Dividers provide open plan offices with visual and acoustic screen protection

  • Cellular Screen Furniture


    Cellular screen is redefining the way we work. Helping you concentrate at work.

  • Trunk Whiteboard

    Trunk Whiteboard

    Trunk Whiteboard is a mobile magnetic and acoustic whitebaord solution.

  • BuzziPlant Room Dividers

    BuzziPlant Room Dividers

    Buzziplant: the first room divider that combines sound insulation, design and a surface you can stick pins onto.

  • BuzziTwist Room Divider

    BuzziTwist Room Divider

    Position the BuzziTwist Room Divider wherever you like for the ultimate open office partitioning solution.

  • Snowsound Totem Acoustic Screens

    Snowsound Totem

    Snowsound® patented technology is based on the use of variable density screen panels.

  • Koja Element Room Divider

    Koja Element Room Divider

    Koja Element A50 is freestanding screen for open offices, covered in sound-absorbent acoustic felt.

  • BuzziFrio Room Divider

    BuzziFrio Room Dividers

    BuzziFrio Room Divder is a decorative free-standing acoustic screen solution for the open plan office.

  • Doremi Freestanding Screen

    DoReMi Screen

    DoReMi Acoustic Screen with unique embossed patterns in beige, white, grey or light blue.

Items 1 to 9 of 36 total View All

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