Mia Lagerman

Mia Lagerman was born in Stockholm and graduated in furniture design from Konstfackskolan, Stockholm (1986-1991). In 1988 she studied at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. In 2006 she set up a... Read more

Mia Lagerman

Mia Lagerman Furniture Designs

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  • Hippo Chairs H20

    Hippo Chair O20

    Lacquered wooden Hippo Chair with leg warmers is ideal for breakout, cafe and restaurant interiors.

  • Taylor S36 Chair

    Taylor S36 Chair

    Taylor S36 Easy Chair with leather details and strong stitches in striking neon colours, white or grey.

  • Taylor S37 Sofa by Mia Gammelgaard

    Taylor S37 Sofa

    Taylor S37 Seating features details in black Tärnsjö leather with constrast neon stitching.

3 Item(s)