Kai Stania

Kai Stania was born in Salzburg in 1965, graduating with honours in Architecture from ‘Vienna’s Technical University’ in 1995, and studied Product Design at the Ron Arad master class of ‘Vienna’s University of Applied Arts’. ... Read more

Kai Stania

Kai Stania Furniture Designs

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  • Grace Lounge Chair

    Grace Lounge Chairs

    Grace Lounge Chairs for executives and corporate seating areas. With removable seat for easier cleaning.

  • Grace Soft Armchair

    Grace Soft Chair

    Grace Soft Armchair with retro design conveys an idea of familiarity. Made with solid wood, oak or beech frame.

  • Grace Table Range

    Grace Table

    With different sizes, the Grace Table will can be utilised as a side, lounge or coffee table, or even a desk.

  • Grace Wing Chair

    Grace Wing Chair

    Grace Wing Chair features integrated loudspeakers. Seats are resistant to moisture and dirt with removable covers.

  • Grace Cube Lounge Chairs

    Grace Cube Lounge Chairs

    Grace Cube Lounge Chairs for business lounges, foyers, executive offices, and presentable waiting areas.

5 Item(s)