Nina Jobs

Nina Jobs is an industrial designer, and her market is both Europe and Asia.  Nina's experience counts with the following renowned exhibitions: ... Read more

Nina Jobs

Nina Jobs Furniture Designs

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  • Alumi Freestanding Screens

    Alumi Freestanding Screens

    Alumi Freestanding Screens are flexible room dividers made from sound absorbent panels.

  • Doremi Freestanding Screen

    DoReMi Screen

    DoReMi Acoustic Screen with unique embossed patterns in beige, white, grey or light blue.

  • Alumi Combi Room Divider

    Alumi Combi Screens

    Alumi Combi is both a standing screen and a a mobile writing board for open offices and public spaces.

  • Alumi Acoustic Desk Screen

    Alumi Desk Screen

    Alumi Desk screen is a sound absorbing panel which can be mounted on the table.

  • Alumi Round Screen

    Alumi Round Screens

    Alumi Round Screens are lightweight yet strong when absorbing sound in noisy open offices.

  • Nina Jobs Tre Shelving

    Tre Shelving System

    Tre Shelves are made with no visible screws or nails, inspired by Japanese sliding doors.

  • Alumi Alcove Screen

    Alumi Alcove

    Alumi Alcove for meetings or workbays is a combination of good sound absorbency and simple design.

7 Item(s)