Christophe Pillet

Christophe Pillet is today an independent designer, nevertheless after graduating in Decorative Arts (Nice, 1985) this designer cooperated with the renowned Philippe Starck. ... Read more

Christophe Pillet

Christophe Pillet Furniture Designs

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  • Club Easy Chair

    Club Easy Chair

    Club easy chair minimalistic and light armchair provides comfort and functionality.

  • Mayfair Armchair

    Mayfair Armchair

    Mayfair Armchair in leather of fabric for meeting rooms, restaurants and corporate waiting areas.

  • Tacchini Millenium Drive Sofa

    Millenium Drive Sofa

    Millenium Drive Sofa is an ergonomic seating experience and aesthetic theatre. With removable covers.

  • SouthBeach Chair

    SouthBeach Chair

    SouthBeach Chair with wooden high back frame and fabric or leather upholstery.

4 Item(s)