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Speziell Furniture Designs

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  • Temptation Twin Bench Desks

    Temptation Twin Bench Desks

    Temptation Twin adjustable double workstations create ergonomic office solutions.

  • Viswall Rotative Room Dividers

    Viswall Panels

    Viswall rotating room dividers allow you to create private zones and third spaces in the office.

  • Brainstorm Presentation Lectern

    Brainstorm Lectern

    Brainstorm Mobile Table is stackable, with optional height adjustability and can be optimally wired up.

  • Brainstorm Table - 4 castors

    Brainstorm Table

    Brainstorm Nesting Table offers intelligent functionality and encourages communication.

  • Brainstorm Training Table

    Brainstorm Training Tables

    Brainstorm Training Tables offer personal workstation solutions for training rooms and seminars.

5 Item(s)