Giovanni Baccolini

Born in Bologna in 1956, Giovanni Baccolini is a well-known designer thanks to a challenge that he took up for himself. ... Read more

Giovanni Baccolini

Giovanni Baccolini Furniture Designs

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  • Concerto Theatre Seating

    Concerto Chairs

    Concerto Seating is a customised seating solution for theatres, cinemas, conferences and other arenas.

  • Eidos Auditorium Chair with table

    Eidos Seating

    Eidos Seating is available with a variety of anti-panic writing tablets and anti-panic table solutions.

  • Thesi Lecture Seating

    Thesi Lecture Seating

    Thesi Lecture Seating has external or built-in multimedia connections and a range of ergonomic options.

  • Mya Chair with 4-Star base with glides

    Mya Chairs

    Mya Chairs are available with three different bases and are suitable for various office environments.

  • Omnia Lecture Hall Seating with perforated steel panel

    Omnia Auditorium Seating

    Omnia Auditorium Seating is a multi-functional range, ergonomically designed with writing tops.

8 Item(s)