Ruud Ekstrand

Arkitekt SIR and Furniture designer. Ruud Ekstrand was born in Malmö in 1943. Arkitekt SIR (National Association of Swedish Interior Architects) and designer. ... Read more

Ruud Ekstrand

Ruud Ekstrand Furniture Designs

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  • Mixx Lecterns

    Mixx Lecterns

    Mixx series includes a projector trolley, work station, catering trolley, flipchart stand and lectern stand.

  • Sinus freestanding screen

    Sinus Floor Screen

    Ideal for public areas, the Sinus Floor Screen can be adjusted for different spaces.

  • Alle Glass Screen

    Allé Glass Screen

    Allé Glass Screen, is a decorative free-standing room divider. Equipped with 4 adjustable feet.

3 Item(s)