Jesper Ståhl

For Jesper Ståhl, designing is partly a case of satisfying consumer needs and partly a case of reflecting the values of a trademark. When this is applied to furniture, it’s naturally the personality... Read more

Jesper Ståhl

Jesper Ståhl Furniture Designs

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  • No. 5 Storage System

    No. 5 Storage Systems

    No. 5 Storage Systems range is made of optimal mobility storage modules and fittings.

  • No. 216 Sideboards

    No. 216 Sideboard

    No. 216, carefully designed by Jesper Ståhl, is a creative storage unit made of strong ash wood.

  • Bodoni Chair

    Bodoni Chair

    Bodoni Chair is a functional wooden dining chair combining comfort with a modern style.

3 Item(s)