Workwall Desks

Browse our range of cellular office workwall solutions which can be made to measure for any office space. This versatile office piece of furniture allows you to work in comfort, while having access to all your personal files and belonging in easy to reach storage. Workwalls are bespoke cellular management office furniture where storage and desk are combined in a design to fit a side of your office. Workwalls can be made unique to your specification and finish. Office Workwall: a complete office environment that makes maximum use of the floor space.

Mobile pedestals can be incorporated for added flexibility. All desks can feature cable management solutions to allow IT equipment to be safely and discreetly connected. With 16 beautiful veneers to choose from, a workwall can be matched to any existing furniture or be used to create a striking contrast.

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  • Custom Workwall Desks

    Custom Workwall Desks

    Custom Workwall Desk is a prestigious furniture solution for cellular executive office workspace.

  • Crome Workwalls

    Crome Workwalls

    Crome Workwall is a custom made solution for cellular executive office environments.

  • Workwall by My Desk Partition


    Custom Workwalls, designed by Sergio Lion, offers sound-damping and variations in size, finish and accessories.

  • Custom Made Workwall from Apres

    Custom Made Workwalls

    Custom Made Workwalls are bespoke executive storage and desk solutions for cellular office spaces.

4 Item(s)