Anne-Mette Jensen & Morten Ernst

With their joint work in recent years, Anne-Mette Jensen (1969) and Morten Ernst (1964) have manifested themselves as exponents of contemporary Danish design. ... Read more

Anne-Mette Jensen & Morten Ernst

Anne-Mette Jensen & Morten Ernst Furniture Designs

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  • Upholstered Soft Seating

    EJ 141 - 144 Upholstered Bench

    EJ 141 - 144 Upholstered Benches for receptions, hotels, lobbies, domestic and contract use.

  • Waves Bench

    Waves Bench

    Waves Bench is a bold sculptural manifestation, winning the first Møbel-fabrik design competition.

  • EJ 180 -188 In Duplo Sofa by Erik Jorgensen

    EJ 180 -188 In Duplo Sofa

    EJ 180 -188 In Duplo Sofa was awarded with the Wallpaper Design Award 2011.

  • Insula Base Table Erik Joergensen

    Insula Base Table

    Insula Base Table top is manufactured using a brand new silk soft laminate, based on nanotechnology.

  • EJ In Duplo High Sofa 185

    EJ 185 In Duplo Highback Sofa

    EJ 185 In Duplo Highback Sofa range designed by Anne-Mette Bartholin Jensen and Morten Ernst.

5 Item(s)