Läufer + Keichel

Berlin design studio Läufer + Keichel was founded by Julia Läufer and Marcus Keichel in 2003. The spectrum of their work embraces product design, corporate design and architecture. Their studio is located in... Read more

Läufer + Keichel

Läufer + Keichel Furniture Designs

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  • Ceno Stackable Chair

    Ceno Dining Chairs

    Ceno Dining Chairs are stackable, multifunctional and versatile seating.

  • Coupe Seating

    Coupe Chair

    Coupe Chair is produced with a special knitting technique. With removable upholstery and padding in 4 colours.

  • Layer Easy Highback Chairs

    Layer Easy Chairs

    Layer Easy Chairs are tripartite; the effect of which produces a comfortable and modern leisure and reception chair.

3 Item(s)