Paul Crofts Studio

Paul Crofts Studio is an award-winning, multidisciplinary design practice. Set up in London in 2003, the studio works in product, furniture, exhibition and interior design. ... Read more

Paul Crofts Studio

Paul Crofts Studio Furniture Designs

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  • Mono Reception Desks

    Mono Reception Desks

    Modern Mono Custom Made Reception Desks with built in modular storage are adaptable, versatile and durable.

  • Kin Reception Desk

    Kin Reception Desks

    Kin office reception desk is a modular bespoke reception counter solution with four designs, backlit glass and signage.

  • Light Wall by Isomi

    Light Wall

    Light Wall can be customised with a variety of translucent patterns, or your company logo and branding.

3 Item(s)