Rodolfo Dordoni

Rodolfo Dordoni, member of the Milanese tradition that generated designers such as Castiglioni, Zanuso, Magistretti and de Lucchi, is a well known architect and designer. ... Read more

Rodolfo Dordoni

Rodolfo Dordoni Furniture Designs

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  • 288 Sled Sofa

    288 Sled Sofa

    288 Sled Sofa has a distinctive design with unique back support doubling as a optional shelving and drawers.

  • Cuba Modular Soft Seating System

    Cuba Sofa Range

    Cuba soft seating system has fully removable covers and a wide choice of modular units.

  • Cuba 25 Modular Seating

    Cuba 25 Sofa

    Cuba 25 is a modern modular soft seating solution for flexible layouts. With 60 x 60 cm feather cushions.

3 Item(s)