Pieter Jamart

Pieter Jamart founded SIXINCH in collaboration with Michel Sels. Apart from being one of the founders of SIXINCH, Jamart also designs most of the products. His designs illustrate his passion for foam coated furniture and architectural products.

Pieter Jamart

Pieter Jamart Furniture Designs

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  • SixInch Sofa

    The Sofa by Pieter Jamart

    Sofa by Pieter Jamart is suitable for outside use thanks to its unique waterproof foam coating.

  • Trinity Modular Soft Seating Units

    Trinity Sofa

    Trinity Sofa is modular and comes available in single seat units, corner units, small cubes and large cubes.

  • Pieter Jamart Box Stools

    Pieter Jamart Box Stools

    Jamart Box Stools Marked Fragile come available in three different sizes. Unique breakout seating.

4 Item(s)