Giulio Cappellini

Architect, designer and owner of the Italian design firm known as tapping new trends, Giulio Cappellini has been working since 1979 with the spirit and the drive of a man in continuous renewal. ... Read more

Giulio Cappellini

Giulio Cappellini Furniture Designs

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  • Brest Giorno Cabinets by Cappellini

    Brest Giorno Storage System

    Brest Giorno Storage Units are available with drawers, leaf doors, and open partitions in two different depths.

  • Brest Notte Chest Of Drawers

    Brest Notte Storage System

    Brest Notte Chest of Drawers is available in 2 depths, and a wide variety of compositions.

  • Luxor Storage

    Luxor Cabinets

    Luxor Cabinets are roomy, simple, and well-designed down to the smallest detail.

  • Luxor Fluo Cabinet

    Luxor Fluo Cabinets

    Luxor Fluo features leaf doors, flap and sliding doors, interior containers and consoles with drawers.

  • Luxor Table by Cappellini

    Luxor Tables

    Luxor Tables are available in two sizes. Features medium density wooden panels for the tops with lacquered finish.

  • Bong Coffee Table by Cappellini

    Bong Coffee Table

    Bong Coffee Table has a fibregrass structure to create a modern, sculpted and sophisticated look to your office.

  • Gong Low Tables

    Gong Coffee Table

    Gong Coffee Table is matt lacquered in white, red, anthracite or sun-yellow colours. 2 sizes available.

7 Item(s)