Barber Osgerby

Edward Barber, born in Shrewsbury in 1969, and Jay Osgerby, born in Oxford in 1969.Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby met while attending the Royal College of Art in London where they studied architecture... Read more

Barber Osgerby

Barber Osgerby Furniture Designs

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  • Tip Ton Chairs

    Tip Ton Chair

    Tip Ton Chair has forward-tilt, helping straighten the pelvis and spine and improves circulation.

  • Bottle Dining Table

    Bottle Dining Tables

    Bottle Dining Tables by Barber Osgerby are made from Calacatta White or Black Marquinia marble.

  • Double Bottle Dining Table by Cappellini

    Double Bottle Table

    Winner of the Wallpaper Design Award, Double Bottle Table is made from White Calacatta or Black Marquinia marble.

  • Loop Domestic Writing Table

    Loop Table

    Loop Desk, designed by Barber Osgerby, is made from bent and shaped birch plywood.

  • Mini Bottle Coffee Table by Cappellini

    Mini Bottle Low Table

    Mini Bottle Coffee Table is a piece of ceramic art, shaped in one of the very best handicraft laboratories.

  • Pilot Table by Cappellini

    Pilot Low Table

    Pilot Coffee Table is a low table design by Barber Osgerby suitable for both office and home living areas.

  • Map Tables

    Map Tables

    Map Tables are a great solution for modern training and meeting rooms. Easy to move and stack after use.

  • BarberOsgerby Sofa Collection

    BarberOsgerby Sofa Collection

    Barber Osgerby Sofa Collection comprises a two or three seater sofa. Won a Design Guild Mark 2013 award.

8 Item(s)