Robert de le Roi

After having successfully completed his apprenticeship as furniture maker, Robert de le Roi (1961) studied industrial design at the Muthesius College in Kiel. ... Read more

Robert de le Roi

Robert de le Roi Furniture Designs

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  • 4000 Delgado Table Folding System

    4000 Delgado Folding Table

    4000 Delgado Folding Table range has an innovative modular design. 97% Recyclable.

  • 1100 Trio 4-Legged Cafe Chair with Armrests

    1100 Trio Chairs

    1100 Trio Chair is a stackable seating solution with an ergonomically shaped seat shell. 4 different frames available.

  • 1500 Luca Chair Series, stackling option available

    1500 Luca Chairs

    1500 Luca Chairs range comprises side chairs, armchairs, stools and 2-seater benches.

  • 1500 Luca Dining Table

    1500 Luca Table

    1500 Luca Table is available at cafe/coffee table height as well as bar height in different shapes. Recyclable.

  • 1750 Pinta Square Coffee Table

    1750 Pinta Table Series

    1750 Pinta Tables can be specified in various heights and table top dimensions for multiple applications.

  • 5100 Vino Armchair with handle bar

    5100 Vino Chair

    5100 Vino Chair is stackable, with bolt linking, ideal for waiting, recreation and dining rooms.

6 Item(s)