Jean Prouvé

Prouvé was born 1901, into an artistic family in Nancy, France; his father, Victor Prouvé, collaborated with the great Art Nouveau artists Emile Galle and Louis Majorelle as a ceramicist. Prouve himself was... Read more

Jean Prouvé

Jean Prouvé Furniture Designs

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  • Guéridon Tables

    Guéridon Tables

    Prouvé's Gueridon Tables are made from natural materials offering a robust piece yet a warm softer aesthetic.

  • Gueridon Bas Coffee Table

    Gueridon Bas Coffee Table

    Gueridon Bas Coffee Table is available in impregnated natural or dark oak finish.

  • Potence Light

    Potence Light

    Potence is a swivelling wall light is considered one of Jean Prouvé’s purist masterpieces.

  • Standard Chairs

    Standard Chairs

    Standard Chairs, originally designed by Prouvé, have back legs made of larger hollow sections for better support.

  • Tabouret Haut Stool

    Tabouret Haut

    A ring is mounted to the inside of Tabouret Haut's legs increasing rigidity and making a comfortable footrest.

  • Trapeze Dining Table

    Trapeze Table

    Trapeze Table bears two strikingly shaped legs made of sheet steel and a solid black laminate top.

  • Compas Direction Table

    Compas Direction Desk

    Compas Direction was designed by Jean Prouve - a rectangular solid oakwood top table.

7 Item(s)