Bruno Fattorini

After studying economics, in 1992 Bruno Fattorini took over the company MDF Italia which he ran for 15 years. He immediately started to implement an innovative, dynamic business and product strategy. ... Read more

Bruno Fattorini

Bruno Fattorini Furniture Designs

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  • Allen 2 Sofa

    Allen 2 Sofa

    Allen 2 Sofa available in numerous lengths and as a dormeuse, pouf, corner, or extra large unit.

  • Sliding Sofa by MDF Italia

    Sliding Sofa

    Sliding Sofa comes in a a version with electrically controlled height-adjustable backrest and manual tilting cushion.

  • Extension T Table by MDF Italia

    Extension T Table

    Extension T Table can be made up to 110cm longer to comfortably accommodate up to 4 extra people.

  • Colors Coffee Tables by MDF Italia

    Colors Coffee Tables

    Colors Coffee Tables is a family of low tables characterised by the chromatic continuity of top and frame.

  • Lim 04 Coffee Tables by MDF Italia

    Lim 04 Coffee Table

    Lim 04 Coffee Table has built-in tops available in 7 finishes. Anodized versions suitable for outdoors use.

  • Fattorini Sideboard Storage

    Fattorini Sideboard

    Fattorini Sideboard offers a high-end finish of natural anodized aluminium, gloss or lacquer.

6 Item(s)