Matthias Dohm

Born in 1968, Matthias Dohm centres the philosophy of his designs on ‘aesthetics down to the last detail’. ... Read more

Matthias Dohm

Matthias Dohm Furniture Designs

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  • Ciello Office Swivel Chairs

    Ciello Meeting Chairs

    Ciello Meeting Chairs provide a comfortable seating solution.

  • Ciello Executive Chairs

    Ciello Executive Chairs

    Ciello Management Chairs have duo-latex upholstery offering natural support for the lumbar region and back.

  • Duera Ergonomic Office Chair

    Duera Task Chairs

    The Duera Task Chair is a ergonomic seating solution which provides dynamic support for modern office working.

  • Duera 24h Task Chair with Neck Support

    Duera 24h Task Chair

    The Duera 24hour Office Swivel Chair is built for endurance, ready to be used around the clock.

  • Duera Cantilever Office Chair

    Duera Conference Chairs

    Duera Conference Chairs relieve back strain during office meetings through a swivel-mounted malleable mesh backrest.

5 Item(s)