Alexandre Caldas

Apart from being one of the partners and believers Alexandre Caldas is also the designer responsible for the AROUNDtheTREE furniture reinventions. ... Read more

Alexandre Caldas

Alexandre Caldas Furniture Designs

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  • Roots Reception Armchair

    Roots Armchair

    Roots Armchair upholstered in natural cork fabric is available in a variety of patterns without artificial colouring.

  • Seed Dining Chair

    Seed Chair

    Seed Chair is a sustainable choice. Constructed using a natural ash wood with a cork fabric upholstered seat.

  • Branch Stool

    Branch Stool

    Featuring four legs in wood and a seat upholstered in cork, the Branch Stool is 100% sustainable.

  • Nest Wings Armchair Cork Upholstered

    Nest Wings Armchair

    Nest Wings Armchair is 100% sustainable and ideally placed in a reception within office or home.

  • Nest Chair

    Nest Chair

    Nest Chair, by Alexandre Caldas, is a simpler yet equally sustainable version of the Nest Wings Armchair.

  • Trunk Dining Chair Cork Upholstered

    Trunk Chair

    Featuring a 4-leg base and cork upholstery, Trunk Chair is a recyclable seating solution for dining areas.

  • Leaf Chair

    Leaf Chair

    Leaf Chair is a 100% sustainable design solution for use within a breakout area, dining room or cafe.

  • Roots Table by AROUNDtheTREE

    Roots Cafe Table

    Roots Cafe Table by Alexandre Caldas has a square tripodal wooden tabletop finished with natural oils.

8 Item(s)