Power Modules

Power modules for under desk, in desk and desktop power all customised to your requirements. Apres supply a range of power and data modules for commercial use in the open plan office, meeting room or conference room. Each power module be it under desk, above desk or on desk we can help you find the right power and data module.

In desk power modules are an ideal power and data solution for conference rooms. Desktop power modules provide staff with efficient and easy access for when they are working. For in desktop power solutions we can supply either cable access flaps with integrated power and data, to modules that are flush with the top like porthole and pixel power units and on desk power like inca, chip on desk and rotasoc power modules.

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  • Eco2 Power Module by DPG Formfittings

    Eco2 Power Modules

    Eco2 Power Module senses if the user is active at the desk, provides full control and timer functionality.

  • Cubert Desk Light

    CBS Cubert Desk Light

    Cubert Desk Light has integrated USB power port for smart charging ymobile devices.

  • Porthole Desktop Power Module

    Porthole Power Module

    Porthole is a desktop and data power module with USB, HDMI, Data and Mini Jack connectivity options.

  • Porthole II Desktop Power Module

    Porthole II Power Module

    Porthole II Data & Power Module offers desktop dual usb charging, so two devices can be powered at the same time.

  • Porthole III Wireless Charging Module

    Porthole III Wireless Charging Module

    Porthole III is a desktop wireless charging facility. If your device is not compatible you can use a 'Wave' receiver.

  • Contour Power Module

    Contour Power Module

    Contour Desktop Power Modules offer USB, data and audio connections as well as international sockets.

  • Affinity Power Module Black

    Affinity Power Module

    Affinity Power & Data Module offers convenient plug in points at your desk top which can be easily concealed.

  • Flo Power Hub

    Flo Power Hub

    Convenient accessible desktop level USB power supply for phones and tablets

  • Conference Table Power and Data Modules

    Conference Power & Data Modules

    Configurable power and data modules, have under table top power or flush table AV, power and Data.

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