Cellular Space

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  • Communal Cells

    Communal Cells

    Communal Cells are a new versatile screen concept for open plan offices providing "islands" of acoustic privacy.

  • Cove Screen - Comminicative

    Cove Screens

    Cove Screens for touchdown working, breakout spaces, collaborative work and private space in an open office.

  • Alcove Meet Table

    Alcove Meet Table

    Alcove Meet Table together with Alcove panels create an informal acoustic meeting area.

  • Workbay Screen System


    Workbay offer employees the freedom to select their work environment; a sound insulated third space.

  • Vitra Silent Wall System

    Silent Wall

    Silent Wall is a flexible modular screen system that divides office space and optimises acoustics.

  • BuzziTemp Acoustic Workbays

    BuzziTemp Acoustic Workbay

    BuzziTemp acoustic workstation is a versatile hotdesking solution and perfect for open plan offices.

  • Rooms Temporary Office


    Rooms is a space defining temporary room-in-room open plan office solution for creating third spaces.

  • Link Dock System

    Link Dock Ssystem

    Link Dock System is a freestanding office pod solution combining privacy with collaborative working

  • Cellular Screen Furniture


    Cellular screen is redefining the way we work. Helping you concentrate at work.

9 Item(s)