Nicola Seta and Marco Comincini, companions at the Industrial Design course of the Milan Polytechnic, graduated in 2004 together. During the years of training, assimilate and elaborate on the influences of their teachers,... Read more


Setacomincini Furniture Designs

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  • Estrosa Bar Stools

    Estrosa Bar Stools

    Estrosa Bar Stools will either fit in a bar or in a breakout area within the office environment.

  • Estrosa Bench

    Estrosa Bench

    Estrosa Bench is a two-seat bench intended to be used within waiting areas.

  • Estrosa Chair by Apres

    Estrosa Chairs

    Estrosa Chairs are stackable and ideal for outdoor and indoor bars, restaurants, or breakout area.

3 Item(s)