Fiorenzo Dorigo

Fiorenzo Dorigo was born in Treviso, Italy in 1953. Starting from 1975 while studying artistic design, he worked on design and image for companies in the furniture industry. ... Read more

Fiorenzo Dorigo

Fiorenzo Dorigo Furniture Designs

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  • Primo 2-Drawer A4 Filing Cabinet

    Primo Filing Drawer Cabinets

    Primo filing units combine Italian high-quality storage with a beautiful design

  • Primo Cupboard is available in different heights

    Primo Cupboard

    Primo cupboards are available in 4 heights with adjustable levelling feet. Colours: aluminium, white or black.

  • Pimo 1000 Door Cabinets

    Primo 1000 Door Cabinets

    Primo 1000 Cabinets are metal office cupboards with hinged doors and a large storage capacity.

  • Mia Ped Pedestal 2 drawers + 1 stationery drawer

    Mia Ped Pedestals

    The Mia Ped is a totally configurable storage container which can also function as a temporary seat.

  • Primo Lockers - Personal Office Storage

    Primo Office Lockers

    Primo Lockers provide secure personal storage space in the office.

  • Primo Acoustic Cabinet 1330 mm Height

    Primo Acoustic Cabinets

    Primo Acoustic Cabinets function as storage and, simultaneously, sound absorbing panels.

  • Primo Recycling Unit

    Primo Recycling Unit

    Primo Recycling Unit will allow you to recycle at the workplace while keeping the design.

  • Primo Tambour Cabinets are available in a wide range of sizes

    Primo Tambour Cabinets

    Primo Tambour Cabinets offer convenient access to storage, combining functionality and design.

8 Item(s)