Marco Maran

Marco Maran was born in Siena in 1963. His designs are the result of a research, synthesis and refinement of ideas. He works with several leading companies in design and participates in national... Read more

Marco Maran

Marco Maran Furniture Designs

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  • X3 Chairs

    X3 Chairs

    X3 is an ideal chair for breakout areas, cafe seating and contemporary reception areas.

  • X3.3 Chairs

    X3.3 Chairs

    X3.3 Chairs is an upholstered ergonomic and elegant seating solution for office use.

  • Ricciolina Chairs Stacked

    Ricciolina Training Chairs

    Ricciolina Training Chairs are robust yet flexible, with ergonomic back support for correct posture.

  • Ricciolina Chairs

    Ricciolina Chairs

    Ricciolina Chairs with a distinct ergonomic shape is ideal for visitors, training and conferences.

  • X3 Bar Stools

    X3 Bar Stools

    The X3 Bar Stool is a modern and distinctive seating solution with transparent seat and back.

  • Ricciolina Bar Stools

    Ricciolina Bar Stools

    Part of the Ricciolina collection, this bar stool has a distinctive back shape for ergonomic support.

  • MaxdDesign So Happy Lounge Chair

    So Happy Lounge Chair

    So Happy Lounge Chair brings its smiling design into corporate or domestic breakout and leisure areas.

  • MaxDesign So Happy Chairs

    So Happy Chairs

    So Happy Chairs with an open smile design for office meetings and guests. 5 Different Bases. 2 Heights. 54 Colours.

8 Item(s)