Kees de Boer

Kees de Boer was born in 1969. After a course in automobile engineering at a technical secondary school from 1986 to 1990, he went on to study at the Academy for Industrial Design... Read more

Kees de Boer

Kees de Boer Furniture Designs

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  • Ahrend 230 Office Chairs

    Ahrend 230 Office Chairs

    Ahrend 230 Ergonomic Task Chair offers seat, backrest and armrest adjustment for all office users.

  • Ahrend 452 School Chair

    Ahrend 452 Chairs

    The versatility of the Ahrend 452 school chairs allow for various classroom configurations.

  • Ahrend 450 School Desks

    Ahrend 450 Desks

    Ahrend 450 School Desks are suitable for classrooms, study centres or multi-media libraries.

  • Ahrend 452 School Desk

    Ahrend 452 Tables

    Ahrend 452 School Desks are great for one-to-one tutoring and classroom environments.

  • Ahrend 450 School Chairs

    Ahrend 450 Chairs

    Ahrend 450 Chair provides ergonomic seat and back support with its shaped lacquered beech wood.

5 Item(s)