Office Phone Booths

Office Phone Booths have now found a new use within the modern office environment. They provide single person privacy booths giving privacy for personal calls, telephone interviews, a private place to work or to carry out one-to-one video conference or Skype calls.

Introducing Office phone booths into the workplace solves many problems associated with staff leaving the office to make calls or using larger meeting rooms for privacy, thus wasting meeting room space where it might better suited for larger groups who need the space.

Aprés Furniture provide an extensive range of privacy office booths for office suited to solving various problems where staff might need that little space to find shelter in for a few minutes. Office phone booths are perfect in that they are un-fixed and can be easily moved to any place within the office by the facilities management.

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  • Bricks Phone Booth -46db Rating

    Bricks Phone Booths

    Bricks Phone Booths are effective soundproof privacy units for single users to make calls.

  • Large Plenty Pod In White

    Large Plenty Pod

    Designed for several persons, to be used as a meeting room or an office with several work stations.

  • Medium Plenty Pod In White

    Medium Plenty Pod

    This version is designed to be used as a quiet work-station or a conversation room

  • Small Plenty Pod In White

    Small Plenty Pod

    This version of the Plenty Pod is designed for one person, to be used as a phone booth.

  • Studiobricks Hola with sound isolation

    Studiobricks Hola

    Studiobricks Hola offers a comfortable working environment and is perfect for making phone calls or video conferencing.

  • Hako Acoustic Phone Booth side angle green

    Hako Acoustic Phone Booth

    Inspired by industrial architecture and warehouses – the Hako soundproof pods improve the acoustic quality of contemporary office spaces.

  • Hana Acoustic Phone Booth Front View

    Hana Acoustic Phone Booth

    Quiet zones in demanding and buzzing office spaces – the Hana acoustic pods work well in most dynamic environment.

  • Nucleo Phone Booth 1

    Nucleo Phone Booth

    Mainly used in open spaces where it is necessary to have small isolated and quieter areas to make business calls.

  • Spacio Mini Phone Booth

    Spacio Mini Phone Booth

    Spacio Mini Phone Booth is a compact 1016 x 1016mm office privacy unit for calls.

Items 1 to 9 of 21 total View All

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