Manfred Elzenbeck & Klaus Haar

Manfred Elzenbeck and Klaus Haar are two renowned designers who have been working together since 1983. As a strong team of professionals, Elzenbeck and Haar have been developing top-class office chair designs.

Manfred Elzenbeck & Klaus Haar

Manfred Elzenbeck & Klaus Haar Furniture Designs

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  • TakeOver Office Task Chairs

    TakeOver Office Chairs

    Takeover Task Chairs with height-adjustable and depth-adjustable lumbar support.

  • TakeOver Conference Chair

    TakeOver Cantilever Chairs

    Takeover Cantilever chairs come with a fully-upholstered (50 cm high) backrest or a mesh backrest (60 cm high).

  • @Just Office Swivel Chair by Dauphin

    @Just Swivel Chairs

    @Just Office Swivel Chairs were given the "Quality Office" and Ergonomic Approved Certificate" awards.

  • @Just Visitors Chair

    @Just Visitors Chairs

    @Just Visitors Chairs are four-legged or cantilever. They are stackable, so ideal space saving for training areas.

4 Item(s)