Roberto Danesi

Born in 1948, in Bolzano (Italy), Roberto Danesi is a furniture designer specialising in office systems. Since his first internship with the architects Bandiera and Facchini, Danesi has been developing magnificent furniture systems for the office environment. ... Read more

Roberto Danesi

Roberto Danesi Furniture Designs

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  • Tiper Glass Executive Desk

    Tiper Executive Desk

    Tiper Executive Desk offers the modern corporate office space freedom for creativity with its modularity.

  • Tiper Desk Bench System by Frezza

    Tiper Bench Desk

    Tiper Bench Desk System provides modular workstation solutions for the corporate open plan office.

  • Cx Executive Desk

    Cx Executive Desks

    Cx Executive Desks are modular units different heights for conference or meeting spaces.

4 Item(s)