Khodi Feiz

Khodi Feiz was born in Iran in 1963. In 1986, he graduated in Industrial Design at Syracuse University (USA) and then worked for the Texas Instruments Design Centre for four years. ... Read more

Khodi Feiz

Khodi Feiz Furniture Designs

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  • Palma Easy Chairs by Offecct Furniture

    Palma Easy Chairs

    Palma Easy Chairs available in 2 separate bases. Ideal for reception, informal meeting and breakout areas.

  • Extens Cupboards by Artifort

    Extens Cupboards

    Extens Credenza is a classic storage cupboard with strong wooden panels.

  • Artifort Gap Seating

    Gap Chairs

    Gap Chairs have a smile-shaped opening below the backrest that provides room for the back to relax into.

  • Moment Armchairs by Offecct

    Moment Armchair

    Moment Armchair with writing tablet for breakout spaces, libraries and training areas.

  • Offect Palma Office Meeting Chair

    Palma Meeting Chair

    Palma Office Meeting Armchair is ideal for conferences and breakout areas. Accredited with the Nordic Swan ecolabel.

  • Bras Sofa and Foot Stool

    Bras Sofa

    The Bras Sofa armrests are its unique feature, sweeping around like the natural angular curves of your arms.

  • Beso Lounge Chairs from Artifort

    Beso Lounge Chairs

    Beso Lounge Seating offers a variety of base options and offers a compact yet comfortable reception seating solution.

  • Niloo Chairs

    Niloo Chair

    Niloo Chairs by designer Khodi Feiz offers a comfortable seat built from two elements which slot together.

  • Bras Highback Chairs

    Bras Highback Chairs

    Bras High Back Lounge and Reception seating offers a comfortable seat with supportive headrest. Two base options.

9 Item(s)