Greutmann Bolzern

Carmen and Urs Greutmann founded Greutmann Bolzern design studio in 1984 in Zurich. Today it is one of the most prolific studios in Switzerland. Carmen and Urs Greutmann are qualified architectural draftsman. Carmen... Read more

Greutmann Bolzern

Greutmann Bolzern Furniture Designs

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  • Fizz Bar Stool

    Fizz Bar Stool

    Fizz Bar Stool, by Greutmann Bolzer, with a creative design, will fit either in a bar or in a breakout area.

  • Veron Table for Media

    Veron Table

    Veron Table offers integrated cable management to make this a modern office table for media.

  • N_Table Folding Table

    N_Table Folding Table

    N_Table Folding tables with flip top and integrated cable management is ideal for flexible rooms.

3 Item(s)