Friso Kramer

Friso Kramer was born in Amsterdam in 1922. After studying successively at the Montessori School, the Industrie school and the Elektrotechnische School, he followed a course in interior architecture at the Instituut voor Kunstnijverheidsonderwijs (Institute for Education in Arts and Crafts) in Amsterdam. ... Read more

Friso Kramer

Friso Kramer Furniture Designs

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  • Facet Table

    Facet Tables

    Facet Tables feature clean lines for a timeless and minimalist design. Perfect for breakout areas or informal meetings.

  • Revolt Chair

    Revolt Chairs

    Revolt Chair by Friso Kramer is a classic design. An ergonomic flexible seat that provides active support.

  • Mehes Meeting Room Table

    Mehes Conference Tables

    Mehes Tables are modular, enabling easy and quick assembly or disassembly, adjustment and expansion.

  • Mehes Office Desking

    Mehes Office Desks

    Mehes Office Desks provides a high-quality aesthetic with 12-mm “floating” worktops on thin I-shaped legs.

4 Item(s)