Mario Ruiz

Mario Ruiz (Alicante, Spain, 1965) graduated in Industrial Design at the Elisava School of Design in Barcelona, and started his freelance career in 1995. ... Read more

Mario Ruiz

Mario Ruiz Furniture Designs

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  • Botanic Acoustic Wall Panels

    Botanic Acoustic Panels

    Botanic Acoustic Wall Panels are attractive and lightweight sound absorbers

  • Acoustic Wall Panel Shelf

    Soundwave Shelf

    Soundwave Shelf offers the possibility of creating Soundwave acoustic interiors with integrated storage.

  • Soundwave Planter

    Soundwave Planter

    Soundwave Planter is a flower box designed to complement the Soundwave® acoustic system.

  • Soundwave Screen White Magnetic Glass Board

    Soundwave Screen

    Soundwave Screen combines a projection surface and a white magnetic glass board,

  • M10 Modular Reception Desk

    M10 Modular Reception Desk

    M10 Modular Counters can be personalised by combining the units to suit your customised reception area.

  • M10 Modular Bench Desk System

    M10 Office Bench Desks

    M10 Office Bench Desk are a modular desking system that can be organised in a snake configuration.

  • M10 Meeting Table by Forma 5

    M10 Meeting Table

    M10 Meeting Tables are formal and elegant, for spontaneous or arranged meetings in the office.

  • M10 Office Desks

    M10 Office Desks

    M10 Desk's minimalist lines were designed to optimise space and activity within the office.

8 Item(s)