Laptop Stands

Quality laptop stands to support and promote ergonomic working when on the move. Après Furniture supply only the best docking laptop stands on the market from reputable manufacturers.

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  • 2G 400F20 Keyboard System

    2G Keyboard System

    2G Keyboard System is for people who work on a computer for 2+ hours per day, helping prevent various ailments.

  • Rova Laptop Support by DPG Formfittings

    Rova Laptop Support

    Rova Laptop Support is height adjustable and folds flat (12.5mm thick). Provides ergonomic benefits.

  • Ergo-Q 330 Laptop Support Stand

    Ergo-Q Laptop Station

    Ergo-Q 330 is a mobile laptop support stand which is ultra-light and completely foldable.

  • Lapsup Laptop Stand by Apres Furniture

    Lapsup Laptop Support

    Lapsup Laptop Stand is a portable ergonomic stand that can be folded flat.

  • CBS Laptop Stand

    CBS Laptop Stand

    CBS Ergonomic Laptop Stands assists your working posture. With built-in A4 document holder.

8 Item(s)