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Nendo aims to provide small moments to people. Some of those might be hidden in our everyday but they definitely make our days more interesting, and richer. This is Oki Sato’s, the architect... Read more

Nendo Studio

Nendo Studio Furniture Designs

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  • Bambi Table

    Bambi Table

    Bambi is a light table entirely made of aluminium. A great option for a writing desk or small breakout table.

  • Thin Black Low Table by Cappellini

    Thin Black Low Table

    Thin Black is a geometrical low coffee table creating a three dimensional optical illusion.

  • Antler Soft Seating by Cappellini

    Antler Soft Seating

    Antler is available with a matching cushion with Tibetan lamb fur. Feet are in ash with plastic slides.

  • Island Coffee Table

    Island Low Table

    Island Coffee Table, designed by Nendo Studio, is laser cut with two main elements of different heights.

4 Item(s)