Pierluigi Cerri

Born in 1939 in Orta (province of Novara, Italy), Pierluigi Cerri graduated in architecture and has worked with Lotus magazine and written for Casabella and Rassegna. ... Read more

Pierluigi Cerri

Pierluigi Cerri Furniture Designs

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  • Lola Dining Chairs

    Lola Chairs

    Lola Dining Chairs are light and detailed seating with a slim, clean-cut structure.

  • Twice Sofa 2 Seater

    Twice Sofa

    Twice Sofa and Armchair is characterised by its upholstery that folds back onto itself and by the brass details.

  • Ouverture Sofa from Pierluigio Cerri

    Ouverture Sofa

    Ouverture features a stylish pierced steel beam under the sofa. Modular seating with various leather colours available.

3 Item(s)