Ineke Hans

Ineke Hans (NL, 1966) studied product design at Academy of Arts Arnhem and graduated with an MA in Furniture design from the Royal College of Art in London in 1995 before setting up... Read more

Ineke Hans

Ineke Hans Furniture Designs

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  • Soundwave Geo Acoustic Wall Panel

    Geo Acoustic Wall Panels

    Geo Acoustic Wall Panels uses a geometric pattern that is decorative but can also function on a large scale.

  • Neo Country Collection

    Neo Country Collection

    Neo Country Collection is a rural contemporary design including an armchair, rocking armchair and stool.

  • Smallroom Highback Acoustic Sofa

    Smallroom Sofa

    Smallroom Sofa is a highback modular system where you can create private third spaces.

3 Item(s)