James Burleigh

James Burleigh is a London based furniture designer and manufacturer specialising in high quality tables and benches. James’s focus since launching the brand in 2002 has been to create products that are... Read more

James Burleigh

James Burleigh Furniture Designs

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  • Waldo 45 Table and Bench Seating

    Waldo 45 Tables

    Waldo 45 Tables and bench seating with distinct 45 degree mitred corners. Available in a range of sizes.

  • Jura Table

    Jura Tables

    Jura Tables offer a range a various height and size options - up to 1.5m long - in over 100 colours.

  • Osprey and Shrug Stools

    Osprey Tables

    Osprey Tables and bench seating can be used for breakout spaces, dining and meetings.

  • Waldo Table

    Waldo Tables

    Waldo Tables are up to 3.4 metres wide. 100+ colours, solid wood edges and optional cable management.

  • Bosa Tables and Bench Seating

    Bosa Tables and Benches

    Bosa Tables and Bench Seating are available up to 3 metres wide and offer over 100 colour choices.

  • Magnus High Stool with Custom Colours

    Magnus High Stool

    Magnus Bar Stool is ideal for office breakout areas, working and meeting at height.

  • Shug Stools

    Shug Stools

    Shug Low Stools are made with solid wood and quality upholstery for office breakout seating.

7 Item(s)