Tom Lloyd and Luke Pearson founded PearsonLloyd in 1997 and since then have completed a wide range of projects. The studio uses an investigative approach based on research that combines, in a balanced... Read more


PearsonLloyd Furniture Designs

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  • PearsonLloyd Turtle High Stools

    Turtle Bar Stool

    Turtle Bar Stool's swivel base is a flat plate or trumpet foot. Outer shell in plastic or upholstered in fabric/leather.

  • Open Lounge Chairs

    Open Lounge Chair

    Open Lounge Chair by PearsonLloyd is an elegant soft seating solution for reception and the corporate office.

  • Ad-Lib Scholar Chairs

    Ad-Lib Scholar Chair

    Ad-Lib Scholar is an innovative mobile training chair featuring large writing tablet, under seat storage and cup holder.

  • Conic Tub Chair

    Conic Tub Chair

    Conic Tub Chair is a family of low-back and high-back lounge chairs from British designers PearsonLloyd.

  • Ad-Lib Meeting Table

    Ad-Lib Meeting Tables

    Ad-Lib Meeting Tables is a versatile office meeting room solution with a numerous table sizes and shapes.

  • Ad-Lib Work Lounge Chairs

    Ad-Lib Work Lounge Chair

    Ad-Lib Work Lounge Chair for agile and collaborative office working environments.

  • Eleven Two-Seater Sofa

    Eleven Sofa and Armchair

    Eleven Soft Seating range by PearsonLloyd consists of elegant 2 and 3 seater sofas and an armchair.

  • Quilt Sofas by PearsonLloyd

    Quilt Sofa

    Ideally suited to corporate lounges and reception areas, the Quilt Sofa is available in different sizes.

  • Polar Sofa

    Polar Sofa

    Polar Modular Sofa can be configured to create 6 sofa types, with solid volumes and oblique cuts for versatile seating.

  • Stone Sectional Soft Seating

    Stone Soft Seating

    Stone Modular soft seating available in 2 heights. Ideal for receptions, waiting areas or dining areas.

  • Lox Bar Stools

    Lox Bar Stool

    Lox Bar Stool is a contemporary swivelling high stool. Height adjustable via hidden button under the seat.

  • Eleven High Back Sofas from PearsonLloyd

    Eleven High Back Sofa

    Eleven High Back Sofas provide an enclosure with acoustic privacy for agile working or relaxing at the office.

Items 1 to 12 of 17 total View All

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