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  • Spacio Bricks Phone Booth -45db Rating

    Spacio Bricks Phone Booths

    Spacio Bricks Phone Booths are effective soundproof privacy units for single users to make calls.

  • Spacio Phone Booths

    Spacio Phone Booths

    Spacio Office Phone Booth solves the lack of private areas in noisy open plan offices offering 95% speech privacy.

  • Spacio Lite Phone Booths

    Spacio Lite Phone Booth

    Spacio Lite Phone Booth is a compact cost effective single user acoustically enhanced pod.

  • AIR3 Minipod - 20

    Air3 Minipod

    Air 3 Minipod's interchangeable acoustic panels mean you can change colours and fabrics whenever you like.

  • Spacio Office Mini Pods with Manifestation

    Spacio Office Mini Pods

    Spacio Acoustic Mini Pods can be used as a phone booth or a comfortable space to work.

  • Aspect Mini Pod

    Aspect Mini Pods

    Aspect Meeting Pods is a solution for creating acoustic private concentrated work spaces

  • Domo Wall Booth

    Domo Wall Booth

    Domo Wall Mounted Phone Booth offers a semi private acoustic space for office phone calls.

  • BuzziHood Phone Booth

    BuzziHood Phone Booth

    BuzziHood Wall Phone Booth provides an acoustic private space for phone calls in an open office.

  • BuzziBooth Acoustic Desk Booths

    BuzziBooth Workstation

    BuzziBooth by Alain Gilles is an acoustic workstation, intended as a private work space or for making calls.

9 Item(s)