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  • Library Bench

    Library Bench

    Library Bench is a rustic collaborative wooden table solution for the modern office

  • Barbari Bench Desks

    Barbari Bench Desks

    Barbari Modular Office Bench Desks for 1-6 users offers various working combinations.

  • Borges Operational Desk System

    Borges Operational Desk

    Borges Desk System has a central axis on which to add various modules.

  • P50 Task System Desks

    P50 Office Bench Desks

    P50 Task Modular Office Desks provide the offic with single desks and beam bench desks.

  • Bevel Office Desk by Norbert Geelen

    Bevel Office Table

    Bevel Office Tables by Norbert Geelen are available as a manager's desk, executive meeting tables and more.

  • Primo Desk System

    Primo Height Settable Desks

    Primo height settable workstations can be set anywhere from 620mm to 850mm for taller users.

  • Flexido Bench Desk System from Mikomax

    Flexido Bench Desk System

    Flexido is a modular office bench desk solution for teams of various sizes, as well as offering hotdesking solutions.

  • Futuro Bench Desk System

    Futuro Office Bench Desks

    Futuro Office Bench Desk System offers efficient office work surface space with third level storage.

  • Canvaro Office Desks

    Canvaro Office Desks

    Canvaro Desk for the office features handy levelling glides to compensate for uneven floors up to 15 mm.

  • Solos Office Desks

    Solos Office Desks

    Solos Desks with organisation rails, partitions, PC mounts, cable management and height adjustment.

  • Barbari Office Desks

    Barbari Office Desks

    Barbari Single Office Desks include management desking options with L-shaped tables.

  • Calvino Bench Desks

    Calvino Bench Desks

    Calvino Office Bench Desks offer endless team desking opportunities for open plan settings.

Items 1 to 12 of 44 total View All

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