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  • Aspect Mini Pod

    Aspect Mini Pods

    Aspect Meeting Pods is a solution for creating acoustic private concentrated work spaces

  • Spacio Grand MiniPod

    Spacio Grand Meeting Pods

    Spacio Grand Meeting Pods is a family of executive level acoustic room-in-room solutions.

  • Human Space Cube Pods

    Human Space Cube Pods

    Human Space Meeting Pods provide an acoustic private room solution without affecting your office building.

  • Air3 Large Square Meeting Pod

    Air Acoustic Pods

    Air Acoustic Pods offer various size and shape meeting rooms for convenient privacy in the office.

  • Air3 Round Pod 22 With Opening Roof

    Air3 Meeting Pods

    Air Meeting Pods offer various sizes and shapes for sound insulated acoustic privacy within the office.

  • Airea Meeting Pod

    Airea Meeting Pods

    Airea Meeting Pods are acoustic private rooms for offices, available in a variety of sizes and configurations.

  • Quadro Meeting Pods

    Quadro Meeting Pods

    Quadro Meeting Pods are an ideal way to improve privacy within open plan office areas.

11 Item(s)