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  • Tribu Waste Recycling Sysem

    Tribu Waste Bin

    Tribu Waste Paper Bin comprises a main waste bin (26 litres) and two smaller waste bins (5 and 9 litres).

  • LateralFile RecycleSpace Cupboards

    LateralFile RecycleSpace Cupboards

    Bisley RecycleSpace series offers 3 x 50 litre recycle bins concealed within a LateralFile Cupboard.

  • Anywhere Waste Paper Bins

    Anywhere Waste Paper Bin

    Anywhere Prism Waste Paper Bins are available in two sizes and can be placed together to form a cube.

  • Birillo Waste Paper Bins

    Birillo Bins

    Birillo Waste Paper Bins are made of engineering polymer. Available in various finishes.

  • Colmo Waste Bin and Umbrella Stand

    Colmo Bin Range

    Colmo Waste Paper Bins are made of a single piece of steel, featuring floor-protection.

  • Nox Bins

    Nox Bins

    Floor and wall-mounted waste paper Nox bins, umbrella stands, floor, wall-mounted or table ashtrays.

  • Steel Waste Paper Bin

    Steel Waste Paper Bin

    Steel Waste Paper Bin with 15 litre capacity for the office. Available in black, light grey and anthracite.

  • Swing Waste Bin

    Swing Waste Bin

    Swing Waste Bin has a 13.5ltr capacity and is made with glossy high-tech polymer.

  • ECO Waste Paper Bins

    ECO Waste Paper Bins

    Eco Waste Paper Bins are stackable and made from recycled wood fibre and polypropylene.

  • Drop Waste Bins

    Drop Waste Bin

    Drop Waste bin is a elegant steel bin with steel ring to avoid plastic bags spoiling its look.

10 Item(s)